Advice For Dry Needling Practitioners:
Introducing The Fastest Way To 
Safely Perform Any Dry Needling Technique 
With Total Confidence you can relieve your patients’ pain faster than ever before
and receive a steady flow of referrals to grow your practice...
To find out how this works, keep reading: 
From the desk of Dr Wayne W Mahmoud, whose Dry Needling courses are accredited by:
Dear colleague,

Have You Experienced Any Of These Problems?
  • To grow your business, you enrolled in a dry needling course to expand your skill set. Even though you passed all the tests, you feel extremely overwhelmed from “Information Overload”…
  • As every day goes by, you’re forgetting more and more of the techniques that you studied so hard to learn - there is just too much to remember! 
  • You’re losing your confidence to safely perform over 75% of the dry needling techniques you learned on your current patients…
  • You’re so afraid to perform dry needling that you avoid recommending it, so that your patients won’t sense your lack of confidence and lose faith in your abilities to treat their conditions…
  • You’re beginning to wonder if your decision to invest in studying dry needling was worth all that time and money…
Well let me say this:

If you’re experiencing any of those things right now, there’s something you need to know:
You’re Not Alone!
And let me encourage you, because it has taken me more years than I care to admit to learn what I’m about to show you.
Which of these common pitfalls 
would you like to avoid?
Done incorrectly, dry needling can be very dangerous, even leading to serious harm or permanent injury if you’re not careful...

And we never want to go down that rabbit hole of problems:
  • Damaging your reputation
  • Living with the guilt of harming your patient
  • Legal action against you
Therefore, it is essential that you’re aware of these common pitfalls, so you can avoid these mistakes at all costs:
Mistake #1: 
Watching YouTube videos to remind yourself of dry needling techniques
Why this is a bad idea: 

The danger of following YouTube videos is you don’t know if the technique is safe or not.

You don’t know about the authority of the person who is teaching you.
Mistake #2:
Depending solely on books 
and written information
Why this is a bad idea:

The smallest differences in your technique can make the difference between helping and harming your patient, for example:
  • The angle at which you insert a needle
  • Depth of needling
  • Knowing the anatomical structures around the area where you want to needle
Literature can only explain these details to a certain point...

Sure, photographs and diagrams can help, but they will never show you the level of detail that you’ll experience in the real world...
Mistake #3: 
Asking friends or colleagues to show you dry needling techniques
Why this is a bad idea: 

Your friends and colleagues are not accredited providers. They may even be less qualified than you to be giving out advice on how to perform dry needling techniques. 
Which of these two scenarios 
would you put yourself in?
Scenario 1
15 minutes from now, your next patient will arrive to have you treat his shoulder...

You’re reading through the notes you took during your practical course, but there’s a big problem staring you in the face…

Your notes don’t make sense anymore!

As the clock on the wall keeps ticking, you feel an uncontrollable sense of panic sweeping over you… 

You find yourself at a crossroads… 
Option A:

You could put on a brave face to mask over your lack of confidence... 

Then try your best to perform the dry needling technique from memory (not knowing if what you’re doing is actually helping or hurting your patient…)

But when you recommend dry needling to your patient, your lack of confidence shows through…

Your patient doesn’t feel comfortable enough to proceed and declines your recommendation...
Option B:

You decide it’s not worth the risk to perform dry needling on your patient (even though you know it could help your patient’s shoulder much faster, with much less soreness afterwards…)

You feel like you’re doing a disservice to your patient...

On top of that, you’ve missed the chance to practice your dry needling skills...

Your confidence plummets even further as you think about all that time and money you wasted studying dry needling…
Scenario 2
15 minutes from now, that very same patient will arrive with the exact same shoulder problem...

Only this time, things are different:

Before he arrives, you log into an online tutorial library taught by a leading expert on dry needling…

You look up the exact technique that you’ll need to perform and you watch the step-by-step video training as many times as you need to…

You’re now crystal clear on how to perform the exact steps in the procedure…

You feel relaxed, calm and confident, safe in the knowledge that you know exactly what you’re doing…

You’re actually excited to get started! You know you can alleviate your patient’s pain much quicker than using any other techniques…

You can see that your patient also feels relaxed and comfortable when you recommend dry needling to him. 

Your patient instantly feels relief and expresses his gratitude to you. 

That same day, his friend calls you to book an appointment… You’ve got a referral! 

Your business is growing by word of mouth alone!
Imagine how much easier your life would be 
if you could:
  • Feel confident that you can treat any muscle in the human body with dry needling, safely and correctly every single time…
  • Easily access an online training library of step-by-step dry needling techniques that you can refer to any time you like, with expert level training at your fingertips…
  • Feel safe in the knowledge that you are learning from a leading expert on dry needling, who is accredited by multiple associations…
  • Join monthly LIVE online workshops, where you can get answers to your specific questions about anything related to dry needling…
  • Be privy to insider secrets on how to apply the best dry needling technique to solve the specific pain the patient is feeling, relating to their unique condition…
  • Elevate your patient’s confidence in your ability to heal your them faster and more easily than other practitioners in your field…
  • Save yourself time by helping your patients faster, so that you can see more patients and grow your business…
If you’re not confident enough to safely perform dry needling, there is a fast & easy solution…
And instead of struggling to figure out the solution for yourself, get Dr Wayne W Mahmoud to show you his proven dry needling processes that have already helped hundreds of practitioners safely perform dry needling on their patients.
No more guesswork, 
trial and error,
or time wasted.

The formula is simple:
Proven Process + Pain In Any Muscle = Fast Relief
Bobby Sampsons,
Founder of
"Having completed the in depth practical Advanced Dry Needling course, this Video Training Site acts as an excellent resource to ensure I'm using the most appropriate and safe techniques for my clients. I refer to it regularly for reference."
Paul Averill
Remedial Massage Therapist
The fastest way to safely perform 
any dry needling technique 
with total confidence:
By having unlimited, 24/7 streaming to this complete library of step-by-step videos, taught by a leading expert on dry needling, you’ll be able to: 
  • Relieve your patients’ pain faster, with less soreness after each session
  • Feel calm, relaxed and confident in your abilities to perform ANY dry needling procedure
  • Make your patients feel confident in your abilities to help them
  • Grow your business faster than ever by delivering better results for your patients than other practitioners, leading to a flood of referrals
My clients have been coming back when I started incorporating my Dry Needling. Having the videos has helped revise and feel confident and my clients are relaxed and trust my skills.
Luke Fayman
Remedial Massage Therapist
Bobby Sampsons,
Founder of
Watch this explainer video to find out how the Dry Needling Video Training Website can help you accelerate your learning curve:
Here's what you get when you join today:
‘Dry Needling Techniques 
For The Top 30 Muscles’
22 High Definition Videos (3 hours)

The 22 dry needling training videos from the CPD Health Courses Introductory Course will walk you through the fundamentals and get you up to speed for the advanced techniques.

This training will instantly boost your dry needling skills.

These videos cover 30+ most common muscles that you’ll treat in your clinic. 

Everything that is taught on the Dry Needling Introductory Course is available on video.
‘Dry Needling Techniques 
For The Most Common Clinical Conditions You’ll See In Your Clinic’
32 High Definition Videos (2 hours) 

Everything that is taught on the CPD Health Courses Dry Needling Advanced Course is available on Video.

This training covers the treatment of: 
  • lower back pain
  • neck tension & headaches
  • TMJ pain
  • Ankle sprains
  • Knee osteoarthritis
  • plantar fasciitis
  • tendinitis
  • trochanteric bursitis
  • rotator cuff tendinopathy 
  • plus many more common conditions
It also includes techniques such as Periosteal Pecking & threading of tendons.

The Advanced Course Videos can only be accessed by practitioners who have completed the CPD Health Courses Dry Needling Advanced course.

If you'd like to gain access to these videos please check out our website for details on how to join our next Dry Needling Advanced Course in your state or contact us requesting access.
What this will do for you and your patients:
  • More of your patients will get better & more quickly
  • Less chance that you’ll injure a patient or cause an adverse effect
  • More patients will tell their family & friends about you, which will increase your reputation & your patient database
  • More patients means more income, more choices & freedom
You will also get:
8 Additional Videos with extra information from the Dry Needling Intro Course, including:
  • The Patient Consent Script
  • How to manage Acute Injuries using Dry Needling Therapy 
  • The Post Needling Protocol
What this will do for you and your patients:
  • You’re going to sound like a professional when talking to your patients
  • The trust that patients have in you will increase dramatically, which means they will come back & see you & only you every time they have an injury
  • They will tell everyone they know how much they trust & rely on you as the go to person for all of their muscle & joint injuries.
  • More trust, more respect & more authority
Also included: Safety Review Training Videos
This is what regulators like your associations & professional indemnity insurers like to see you doing more of. 

It’s all about safety & so it should be.

What this will do for you and your patients:

You can record that you’ve watched & complied with the safety review in your practice of Dry Needling Therapy.

You can inform your insurer that you’ve exceeded their requirements rather than just meeting them.

You know how to manage all the risks associated with Dry Needling Therapy.

All this means that you can sleep safe at night knowing that you’re safe & compliant. You’ll set the standard rather than trying to stay under the radar.
Bobby Sampsons,
Founder of
I am truly impressed with CPD Health Courses & their on going educational support that they offer. They are professional on all levels. 

The various DNT course content & the Dry Needling Video Training site are a great resource to me in my work as a Remedial Massage Therapist. 

I have found a genuine generosity in the way CPD Health Courses continually share information, knowledge & continue to offer excellent educational support beyond my expectations. I am very happy to be a member!
Bev Keane
Remedial Massage Therapist
Watch this video to see inside 
the membership site:
See how easily you will master the techniques in this sample tutorial:
You’ll get these Three Added Bonuses 
to help you grow and protect your business:
Bonus 1: Monthly Live Workshops
Join me and the other members on monthly live webinars and discover how to treat the most common presentations we see in practice, including: 
  • Neck Pain & Headaches
  • Low Back Pain
  • Lateral Elbow Pain & Shoulder Pain
You will see the techniques that I personally use. These are the techniques that have been proven work best, that I have used for over 30 years. They will help you to:
  • Find out what's causing your patient's pain faster
  • Get your patients better quicker
  • And get great results
The techniques that I show are not just Dry Needling techniques - they're hands on techniques that will compliment what you already do.
Bonuses 2 And 3: When you join today, 
you’ll instantly have access to 
an additional two coaching programs: 
  • The “Grow My Practice” coaching program
  • The “Protect My Practice” coaching program
These two coaching programs are a summary of everything I’ve learned in the past 30 years of private practice, teaching in the UK & Australia as well as running several successful businesses.

Both programs will be delivered to you in bite-size clips over 22 chapters.
What this will do for you and your patients:
  • You’ll learn how to retain more patients
  • Convert every new patient into a lifelong customer
  • Improve communication with every patient to instantly gain their trust & confidence
  • Support & mentor your team of professional associates to maximize their true potential and help them retain more patients within your clinic
  • Teach reception staff how to maximize every phone call, patient inquiry & face-to-face patient interaction
  • Set up clinical systems & procedures for smoother running of your business, saving you time & money
  • Earn valuable online CPD hours or points
More patients means more income, more choices & freedom.

And, of course, all the training, bonuses - everything - will be kept up to date. 
Bobby Sampsons,
Founder of
Since doing my Introductory and Advanced courses in Jul 16, I have been amazed at the results I have been getting through Dry Needling. The Video training site is the most valuable internet research tool I have. 

I have instant access to surface anatomy, needling procedures and of course safety information on everything I learnt on the courses. 

It is great not only to review these techniques but also to learn new things from the Business video series. I would thoroughly recommend CPD's courses and the Video Training Site.
Chris Venning
Remedial Massage Therapist
Your 4th Added Bonus: 
Dry needling articles to educate your patients
In addition to bonuses 1 and 2, you’ll also have access to research articles from the world of dry needling. 

I’ve collected and uploaded over 50 Journal articles to the site ready for you to read & learn more about your craft.

I’ve hand picked these articles to make sure they’re relevant and factual...

There’s nothing worse than reading a long article, getting to the end & finding out that the conclusion was “more studies are required”

You can use these articles to:
  • keep safe and up to date with the latest research
  • help you explain how and why dry needling works to your peers and patients
When a patient is hesitant about dry needling, you can quote one of the articles that explains how safe dry needling is as compared to taking Panadol or non-steroidal Anti-inflammatories.
Warning: Time Is A Factor
Here are Two Big Reasons to Join Today
Reason 1:
The sooner you start refreshing your memory,
the sooner you’ll become a “Master” of dry needling
The minute you finished the practical course, your dry needling skills were the best they’d ever be…

But without practice, that mountain of knowledge is soon forgotten…

Your knowledge and confidence starts dropping from the minute you walk out of your last exam…

The longer you leave it, the longer it will take you to rebuild your knowledge and confidence, leading to more overwhelm when you eventually try to refresh your memory…

This is a risk because you can soon run out of fuel to keep studying - it becomes an uphill battle…

On the other hand, if you start refreshing your memory today, you won’t feel any of that dreaded overwhelm and “information overload”. 

Your confidence gets bumped up as you effortlessly go through the step-by-step training on your path to dry needling success!
Bobby Sampsons,
Founder of
I love the dry needling video training , I have learned some great techniques and reinforced what I had learned in previous training. 

Wayne is easy to understand and very knowledgeable, well worth the investment.
Vanessa Maddern
Reason 2: 
Insurers and associations are demanding 
more training than ever before!
Insurers and professional associations are demanding more training and CPD as more rules and regulations are applied to the healthcare industries every year.

You’re going to get ahead of the curve by doing more training and getting more practice.

This will ensure that you comply with the governing bodies’ rules and regulations.

But let’s not forget, the most important reason why you should keep your skills up, even if you didn’t have to comply with any regulations or keep your CPD hours up, is because you’re going to get better at what you do. 

And that’s going to help more of your patients.

Helping more of your patients means that your reputation as a practitioner is going to soar sky high. 

Your confidence is going to grow and your patient list is going to get bigger and bigger.
Take Advantage Of This Limited Time Offer:
Our 14 Day $1 Trial!
Right now, you can get full unlimited access to: 
  • the entire training library,
  • the live workshops, and 
  • the added bonuses
...for just $1...
That's right! One dollar. So why not “take our training for a test drive” for a full 14 days…

If you don’t get any results from it, you can cancel within the first 14 days and you won’t be charged a penny more. 

This $1 trial is available for a limited time only. 

We reserve the right to close the doors at any time, to ensure that we take the best care of our existing members.

That’s why there’s never been a better time than right now to take advantage of this risk-free opportunity!
Supercharge your dry needling skills instantly:
 Join Today!
Simply choose one of the options below and click the ‘JOIN NOW’ button.

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  • Instant access to 300+ training videos
  • Unlimited 24/7 streaming access
  • Watch on iPad, Desktop, Tablet, Laptop or Free APP
  • Course Discounts
  • Private Coaching: Ask "Wayne" your Questions
  • Join a community of the Safest Dry Needling Therapists in the World
I can’t wait to see you inside the exclusive member’s area shortly!

The Dry Needling Video Training Membership site has been developed to help manual therapists retain and improve their skills once they've completed an accredited Dry Needling Training Course. 

It is not designed to replace Dry Needling training that includes comprehensive theoretical background & face to face practical training. 

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